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Special Event Permit Application

  1. Special event permit applications are subject to Council approval
  2. Council meetings are held twice a month; therefore, all items listed below must be completed/provided at least one month prior to the requested event date in order to be placed on a Council agenda. Applications turned in less than one month prior to the event date are not guaranteed to be processed in time.
  3. To be considered complete, the following items must be received at City Hall: Fee payment ($20 for a single event or $75 for a seasonal event), insurance certificate ($1 million in liability listing the City as an additional insured), and map of the City property to be used
  4. Applications must be submitted at least one month prior to the requested event date
  5. Additional dates*
    Does the event occur on more than one date?
  6. If rain date is not provided, and inclement weather affects your event, a new application will need to be submitted
  7. Street closures*
    Does event involve street closures?
  8. Parking space closures*
    Does event involve parking space closures?
    (Only check yes if the parking spaces are not within a previously identified street closure)
  9. Map must include event location and any street or parking space closures
  10. Police officers*
    Are police officers needed during the event?
  11. Please also contact the Police Chief at 641.628.4921
  12. $30/hour per police officer
  13. Vendor sales*
    Will vendors be selling during the event?
  14. Signage*
    Will signage be placed before or during the event?
  15. Signs should not create a traffic hazard or impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic
    Signs in the public right-of-way are prohibited unless expressly authorized by the special event permit
    The City reserves the right to require additional signage, as determined for the safety and well being of the public
    Temporary signs associated with a special event permit must be removed immediately when the event ends
  16. Electricity*
    Will electricity be needed during the event?
  17. Other City services*
    Are any other City services requested that have not been covered on this application?
  18. Private property*
    Is any part of the event held on private property?
  19. Event promoter must provide written authorization from property owners prior to approval of this application
  20. An insurance certificate with $1,000,000 in liability coverage listing the City as an additional insured for this specific event must be provided for this application to be considered complete
    The certificate can be provided by uploading using this form, or by email to
  21. Notifications
    Would you like to receive an email confirming when the application has been placed on a Council agenda?
  22. By signing, I acknowledge I have reviewed and understand requirements of special events under City Code chapter 123. After submitting your application, the applicable fee of $20 for a single event or $75 for a seasonal event must be sent to:
  23. City Hall (Attn: City Clerk) 825 Broadway Street Pella, IA, 50219
  24. If you have questions regarding this process, contact Mandy Smith at 641.628.4173 x231 or
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