The Pella Police Department works 12-hour shifts with four months on days and nights rotation. A swing shift position is also available. All necessary equipment is provided by the Pella Police Department.

Police Department team members are required to reside within a 30-mile distance from the Pella Police Department.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits listed below, please email Human Resources or call 641.628.4173.

Health Plan

Full-time employees and their eligible dependents can elect medical and prescription drug insurance through the Iowa Community Trust (ICT). This plan consists of a fully insured component through Wellmark and a partially self-funded component administered by SISCO. 

Dental Plan

Full-time employees and their eligible dependents can elect dental coverage through Delta Dental. The employee is responsible for paying 100% of the dental plan premiums.


Vacation leave accrues bi-weekly with a maximum accumulation of two times the annual accrual rate. Full time, nonexempt employees accrue time according to the following schedule: 

  • Hire date to 1 year of continuous service: 40 hours per year
  • 2 years to 6 years of continuous service: 80 hours per year
  • 7 years to 14 years of continuous service: 120 hours per year
  • 15 years to 29 years of continuous service: 160 hours per year
  • After 30 years of continuous service: 200 hours per year

Sick leave

Sick leave accrues at the rate of eight hours per month, with a 50% payback option for unused leave in December of each year. To earn eight hours, an employee must have worked at least 80 hours in the previous month. An employee will begin accruing sick time in the first month of 80 hours worked.

Term Life Insurance

The City pays 100% of a term life insurance premium consistent with the policy currently in effect for the City of Pella. Currently, coverage is $30,000 per employee (until age 70) and $2,500 per dependent.

Performance Evaluations

Employees shall be reviewed during their nine-month probation period. Performance evaluations will be conducted on an annual basis thereafter with employees eligible for merit increases up to Step H within their grade. Full-time and regular part-time employees may move beyond Step H by showing ‘exceeding expectations’ performance ratings.


  1. Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa (MFPRSI): currently, police contributions for the MFPRSI are set at 9.40% by the employee and 26.18% by the employer
  2. Deferred Compensation plans are also available to all full time employees through MissionSquare Retirement. There is no employer contribution to this plan.
  1. Haase, Paul

    Paul Haase

    Police Captain

  2. Police

    Physical Address
    614 Main Street
    Pella, IA 50219

    Fax: 641.628.9653
    Emergency Phone: 9-1-1