Seat Belts and Child Restraints

Seat belts are required for all front seat passengers. If not used, a fine of $127.50 is assessed. The fine for Failure to Secure a Child under the age of 18 is $195.00.

Iowa's child safety seat laws have been revised, effective July 1, 2010.
One of the child safety seat law's main objectives is to get three, four and five year old children in safety or booster seats. The seats are much safer than having the child use only the seat belts provided in vehicles. The law also extends the age for use of child restraints. Formerly restraints were only required for children up to six year old, now up to eleven years old in mandatory. An addition to the law states that rear seat occupants up to age 18 must be secured by a safety belt.

Key points:

  1. Children under one and weighing less than 20 pounds must be secured in a rear-facing child safety seat.
  2. Children through age five must be secured in a safety seat or a booster seat.
  3. Children ages six to eleven must use one of the following: a safety/booster seat, vehicle seat belt, or a harness.
  4. Rear seat occupants up to the age of 18 must be secured by a safety belt.

Marion County Public Health has a child car seat technician available who can assist with correctly installing a child car seat in vehicles.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 641.828.2238.