Community Camera Program

The Pella Police Department has launched a city-wide voluntary surveillance camera registration program.  To register your camera and participate in this program, simply complete the online registration form or download the attached PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the department have access to my cameras remotely or be able to view the footage without my knowledge?

No. Officers can only view the footage once a citizen has chosen to share it.

Will the department use or share my personal information for anything besides requesting footage?

No. The department will only contact you about your cameras if a crime or incident being investigated occurred near you. Your information will remain confidential.

Am I obligated to sign up for the program or turn over my footage? Do I have to pay a fee to sign up?

The program is 100% free and voluntary. You are not obligated to release footage, even if you sign up for the program. If at any time you decide to no longer be part of the program, you can contact the department and your information will be removed from the program. The personal information that you share with the department will remain confidential as your registration in the Community Camera Program is a confidential record pursuant to Iowa Code 22.7(18)

Who will be given access to the video footage I provide?

Once the video footage is given to the Police Department, it will be reviewed and utilized by the investigators working on the case. In the event criminal charges are filed on a suspect, the video may be utilized in court at the discretion of the prosecuting attorney.

Will I have to go to court and testify at a trial?

That is a possibility if the case goes to trial and you are subpoenaed to testify. However, many cases are resolved without a trial.

What if I registered in the past and now I have decided I do not want to be part of the program anymore?

Please contact the Pella Police Department at 641.628.4921 or email Officer Bryce Doane to be removed from the program.

Will officers ask me about my surveillance video for every crime that happens in my neighborhood?

No. Due to the nature and significance of certain types of crime and other evidence that may be available, officers will not always need to check for surveillance cameras.

If my system did capture a suspect, will the officer want a copy of my video?

Yes and no. Sometimes video is not useful in helping to identify suspects due to lighting and/or quality. Officers will assess this. If it is a violent crime, the officers would likely want a copy of the video regardless.