Energy Sources and Facilities

Pella maintains a municipally owned and operated electric utility that provided over 198,875 MWh to over 4,900 customers in 2017. Historically, the utility has met approximately half of the energy need of the community with local generation, and the other half with a combination of both firm and non-firm energy transactions. As City of Pella became the 61st member to join Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) on June 9, 2011, all our energy needs are being provided by MRES. Power to the City is delivered across three 69 kV transmission lines: MidAmerican Energy's line from their DPS Substation; CIPCO's line from ITC Midwest's Poweshiek Substation; and Pella's line from MidAmerican Energy's Beacon Substation.

Concurrent with joining MRES, the City sold its 10.8 MW share of coal-fired power plant Walter Scott Energy Center (in Council Bluffs) and retired its 38 MW coal and gas fired power plant in Pella. Environmental regulations, rising coal prices, economies of scale, and the completion of the Southeast Switching Station were major factors in the City's decision to close the plant. The plant, formerly of 519 Oskaloosa Street, was torn down in 2014. 

2022 Power Supply Mix

Other Energy Sources

Distribution System & Facilities

The City continues to make extensive improvements to the electric distribution system. The conversion of the primary distribution system voltage from 4.16 kV to 12.5 kV service had a major impact on the system reliability and losses. Also, the conversion of overhead to underground service has had a major impact on the aesthetics in the community. The distribution system is approximately 95% underground. The final piece of 4.16 kV distribution was removed in 2019 with the cable replacement project in Brook Circle. The City continues to make extensive improvements to the electric system. The City owns four 69 kV substations and one 69 kV switching station. Substation upgrades, building of new Clark Street substation and building of SE switching station have improved the capacity and reliability of City of Pella's system. In 2017, Pella's West Substation was modified to accept a new 69 kV interconnection from MRES's Red Rock Hydroelectric Plant.