Planning & Zoning Department

Development Procedures Manual

The Development Procedures Manual (PDF) provides guidelines and information regarding the administration of the City of Pella’s development regulations. Included are descriptions of the City’s building permit and development procedures, a discussion of the decision-making process, and Frequently Asked Questions. Please note, the information contained in this manual is only a summary of the requirements specified in the adopted development regulations for the City of Pella. Applicants should contact the Planning and Zoning Department staff or consult the applicable regulations online for a complete list of development requirements.

Department Responsibilities

The Planning and Zoning Department promotes the quality of life and the preservation of the distinctive Dutch heritage of Pella. This is accomplished by the handling of new development requests to assure that growth is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, zoning ordinance, and subdivision ordinances. The department also oversees sign and design permits; residential, commercial, and industrial building permits; and code enforcement. The goal of the department is to balance the needs of a thriving community with its links to its traditions.


The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for zoning and subdivision administration and reviewing plats of survey, subdivision and site plans, rezoning requests, variance and special use permit applications, design permits, and sign permits.

The Planning and Zoning Department works with the general public, contractors, and developers on a daily basis to answer questions about the City’s zoning codes and ordinances, monitor and issue permits, and respond to and investigate zoning complaints.

Building / Code Enforcement

The Building Official is responsible for issuing a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial / institutional building permits and completing inspections. The Building Official verifies compliance with the adopted building codes and ordinances for the City of Pella. The Zoning Analyst is responsible for investigating and processing code enforcement issues.