PersonnelPella Police Department

The Pella Police Department has 18 full-time officers, 6 reserve officers, and 7 civilian employees who provide public safety services to the citizens of Pella. View the department directory.


Committed to providing the citizens of Pella a safe place, the Police Department provides coverage complete with public safety answering point dispatching for a 10-mile radius of Pella, including enhanced 911 services.

The communications center also dispatches fire and ambulance services. The department uses bicycle, foot, and vehicle patrols to provide public safety services.


Participating in several grant opportunities from such entities as the Department of Homeland Security and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, the department has been the recipient of monies to enhance their equipment, community relations, and proactive enforcement efforts.

Citizen's Public Safety Academy

The purpose of the Citizen's Public Safety Academy is to foster a strong and lasting relationship between the City of Pella public safety departments and the community by allowing citizens to experience the training and occupational rigors shared by public safety professionals. This academy will involve the Pella Police Department, Pella Fire Department, and the Pella Community Ambulance.  Anyone interested in the academy is encouraged to contact email Captain Paul Haase or email Officer Shawn Veenstra. Completed Citizen's Police Academy Applications (PDF) should be dropped off at the Police Station.  The department generally runs two Citizen's Public Safety Academy classes per year: one in late spring and the other in late summer/early fall.