About Our Water

Wellhead Protection Program

The City of Pella is taking steps to keep your drinking water safe. We currently draw water from six wells. These wells vary in depths from very shallow (30feet) to deep (2200 feet). Shallow aquifers are beneficial because they are easy to access and produce large quantities of water. On the other hand, because the aquifer lies close to the ground surface, human activities at the surface can affect the quality of the water.

Wellhead protection involves monitoring the uses and activities on the land area surrounding water wells in order to prevent contamination of the groundwater below the surface. Sources of contamination might be storage tanks, septic systems, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer runoff. Completion of the wellhead protection plan results in a map identifying the capture area of the well and all potential contamination sources within this area.

An emergency response contingency plan has been prepared in case of contamination of Pella's water supplies. Any questions regarding the Pella wellhead protection program should contact Pella Public Works, at 641.628.1601.