About Our Water

The City of Pella currently derives its raw water from two Jordan sandstone aquifer wells. One was constructed in 1989 to a depth of 2,205 feet deep. The second was constructed in 2015 to a depth of 2,190 feet deep. The City also has a Ranney Collector well that was constructed in 1973 and is a groundwater under the influence of surface water supply that is available in case of emergency.

The City currently utilizes three Reverse Osmosis trains each capable of producing 1.0 million gallons a day of finished water. That new treatment process was put online in 2017. We have the ability to produce 3 million gallons of water per day and can store up to 5.75 million gallons in our storage reservoirs.

The City has a wellhead protection plan in place to prevent contamination of the wells. The Jordan wells are determined to have low susceptibility to contamination because the characteristics of the aquifer and overlying materials provide natural protection from contaminants at the land surface. The Jordan well will have low susceptibility to surface contaminants such as leaking underground storage tanks, contaminant spills and excess fertilizer application.